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change fate

  Another man trash is another man treasure, what you declare as useless I decree worth saving, an
polishing, and most importantly refunding what makes em whole again, the blues has its own tunes I
hear how your tears cry, so let's change the station and remain patient because I promise this can't be
the final destination , as you once said you where designed for the greatest never mistake less you don't
have to be the bravest, just don't resist clean out your closet and trust the healing process I can confess
it's easier to be depressed but the Lord we serve never fail, we are blessed to have faith to see another
day but make no mistake, your pain is what make you deliberate on how to be greater than your

  Just in case you didn't want to stay may I say I love you today, and we can still go round for round and
pound for pound just to make it worth your while we can settle it here and now. Your more than just a
stare of despair, your deeper than a tree root, I promise can't nobody stand next to you I only wish that
you can see as I do

Written by Tajamia Terry (aka... T3)


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