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  Feelings come and go, but our emotions are meant to help us grow, but yet instead our hearts turn cold,
trying to defrost it, shit can be tremendous , it could kill you, or help you grow, plus everything in
between, either way it's true but we can't keep letting it freeze, just so our hearts won't be seen.

  Maintaining reality is harder than what it seems, just to be free and to love again, shit sounds like a
dream, fuck all the pretending and the skims, here and now I choose ME for a team,

  My heart has be broken time and time again and honestly I don't even know where to begin.

  I'm tired of been the friend with the never happy end, or running from man to man for a nut or ten,
while so called friends expose their hands, and FAMILY, thats a scam, quick to stick you in the sand, been
stuck in a runt and nobody ever gave a fuck, an still everybody want my trust, but dont understand that
shit been fucked.

  Shattered and scattered my heart never really mattered, I was deemed a disaster an even a
bastard, because my pussy was all they was really after, raped and abuse kept my heart cool, but death
showed his rules on how to keep the fridge in use, even though I know how it started it, the ice around
my heart never dissolves for shit, so I don't even bother it, even when another heart is involved in it, I
leave it discarded because they create the deepest scars.

  My trauma is real, yes I'm afraid to feel, because this has been my ordeal, I was a great person
until the pain and shame came, then I didn't have nothing to gain and than anger became my name.

  Now I'm trying to thaw it out, I can contest it's a spiritual process, trusting God to change me and
reverse this curse that tried to claim me!

Written by Tajamia Terry (aka... T3)


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