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In your face I see the pain, hurt and sorrow,
of a lady, a friend, and yes "The Mother of Tomorrow."
I see it in your eyes, for they have lost their glow.
I see it in your face, your not happy anymore.

I see it in your walk, your stride is kind of slow,
I watch you when you talk,
I hear it in your voice.
I know times are hard, but things could be worse,

you have to be strong and put you and your child first.
Keep on smiling, no matter how things may seem,
for you have a growing life inside you and he,
or she will fulfill your dreams.

Through good and bad, happy or sad,
you'll have someone to love you when it seems no one else can.
Be patient and strong, and the Dad will come around, for when it's
time for his love, then his love you will find.

The love you two shared resulted in a creation,
the greatest gift of all, a precious love sensation.
"And through this love, you've gained a never-ending friend, someone who
will love and cherish you until the bitter end.

Forget the pain of yesterday,
and the love for yourself will follow,
your child's future is in your hands, for you are

Written by Thadine N. Quick


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