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In a world that is filled with the monster of greed,
I wake up every day wondering: what could possibly motivate me to live this day through?
I look back at the stolen years...
Years spent with family...,
Supposed loved ones...,
Years spent working...,
With colleagues in school...,
Years spent acquiring an education...,
I am left wondering if all of this is worth it?
Despite the darkness...,
I sometimes catch myself smiling...,
The quick ray of happiness angers me...,
because I can not understand it...
How could I smile knowing the crimes humanity commits on a daily basis?
How could I possibly find beauty, depth, serenity, in a world filled with ugliness, shallowness, and chaos?
How could I reach peace, even if it is just within, when the world reflects everything but that?
Does faith have an answer?
Even faith can not tell me why God sends fire, then sends the rain...
It can't tell me why God sends diseases, then cures...
It can't tell me why God doesn't prevent when he can...
After everything evaporates...,
The only thing that remains within me is:
I don't know.

Written by The Reflecting Beginner


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