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My Letter To Hip Hop

Dear Hip Hop,

What happen to you?
Once spoken word over a beat
Now just words spoken on a beat
You hypnotize me
For your benefit to institutionalize me
While you hide behind disguises
& let the media tell me they do nothing but despise me
Is this what you have become Hip Hop?
See now I know I groove to your beats
But I was raise off the intellect of your speech
But in these current years
I've done nothing but turned off my ears
& let my hips sway at your beats
Because nothing you say is intellectual to me
Come on Hip Hop this is not what you're meant to be
You put my sistas on tv
& do nothing but degrade them
Lowering every female self-esteem
To make some green
& achieve your share of the pie on this American dream
Is that what it is Hip Hop?
You have to belittle me
To feel like a man
But behind every great man
Is a strong woman
But if you continue to rape
Us with your words & images
Telling us this is what we should mimic
Where is your strong woman now?
I remember a time when I could put on baggy jeans
& be a female emcee
Now I put on a thong
Show a lil titty just to get on hook of one of your songs
You sent the doctor to save me
But he ended up shady
Grab up 50 Cent
Who ended up kicking me out of the game
While I have to see my abuse constantly
Every time I turn on the television
& flip to MTV or BET
There you go again abuse me
This not Rihanna posted one time on TMZ
Then the next day glorified on magazines
Hip Hop you constantly degrade me
You don't have to be a gigolo
& I don't have to be your hoe
Big pimpin all over the world
Getting hoes in different area codes
Be my king & I be your queen
& let's create a real dynasty
I'm not looking for how many shots you took
Rocks you sold
Or glocks you popped
I'm not looking for what you done in the hood
I'm looking for what you done to better the hood
Tell me Hip Hop what is our relationship?
Because even though I'm mad at you
I just can't run out on you
Cuz I'm so passionately in love with you

But I cant continue to take this abuse for you
You once used to tell me how much you love me
Now I feel like you only tell me how much you hate me
Its sad because I love
& its even more heartbreaking because I need you
Now tell me what am I suppose to do Hip Hop


Written by Poetiq Tika


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