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She walks in the room & everyones notice
& everyone is wondering who's she chosen
C she is MS. RIGHT NOW
Her body is right
Her cloths is fittin tight
& sometimes her attitude is aight
C the difference between Ms. Right Now
& somebody regular
Is the fact she say her words very clever
But dont get to thinking she'll stay forever
She just waiting for the next person who also we'll put together

C Ms. Right Now
Is the girl your mother warned you about
The girl your father schooled you about
Who your friends told you, you could live without
But some how she came into your route
Now all you can do is scream & shout
Cause Ms. Right Now had you thinking something other then what she was about

Whisper through the night
How yall future is so bright
& how she the fumes to your ignite
that delicious treat that just delight
how her love will take you to new heights

That jus Ms. Right Now
That girl your father told about
She'll give you everything you said you want
Everything you say you need
But in reality all she does is mislead
Cause the truth is always a lie indeed
The relationship would never succeed
Cause in the end greed is her only seed

Written by Poetiq Tika


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