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Lost in my own mind
Trying to grip the walls of reality
Hoping that this picture becomes vivid
& I no longer see static just high definition
& maybe if somebody took the time to see the tension
Then I'll take the time to mention
That insanity is clinging to the wall of my brain
& making my thoughts & mind go insane
& I cant escape the development
Bc it crack the foundation & planted its own seed
So now insanity grows inside of me
& if its 10 billion cells in the nerves system
Then 5 million is fighting for the reality I might lose
& the other 5 million is fighting for the insanity I might choose
Stuck in between the two
Where reality is nothing but phonies, liar & a world of mistrust
Then there is insanity where I can create my own blues
Maybe I should pray to the Lord to make me like Beethoven
& allow me to go deaf
So I don't have to hear the words of anyone else
& just hear the song that plays in my head
Now don't be mislead
This is not a woman of mental issues
This is just a woman who hears instrumentals
& my thoughts are the words to every beat
Because my mind is the pupil & my thoughts do nothing but reteach
So I grow within myself & on the outside I appear just nineteen
But in my mind add twenty years to that
& that can tell you why I have this dialect
A mystery to everyone else
But inside my mind I know who I AM
Maybe one day if I could project the song in my head to the world
I would no longer need decoding
& Divinci could stay with his demons & angels
Because from my eyes I have the best angle
But from other eyes I just need to be detangle
& this poem wasn't just for a social mingle
It was to let every one know I sitting on the fence
Of choosing reality or insanity
Or maybe I could be like humpty dumpty
& sit on a great wall
& suddenly have a great fall
& to which side that is
I have no clue

Written by Poetiq Tika


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