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Built Me Strong

Standing Outside Against The Building
With My Shades On Hiding My Eyes
Incase Somebody Walks By
& They Trys To Search Inside Them
Because I Fear What They Might Find

I Hold My Head Up To The Sky
In All My Dreams Are In The Clouds
Yet They Seem So Far From My Reach
So I Lowered My Head & Gazed Upon This Street
& Before You Know It An Angel Descend Upon Me.

I Look At Her & Say With No Hope
"I Don't Know If I Can Do This Anymore"
"I Don't Know How Much Longer I Can Last
Holding On, & Not Feel Like My Life Is Nothing But Trash"

She Looks At Me & Say
You Can Last, You Was Built To Do Anything
& Achieve Anything At Hand

God Built You Strong Don't You See

No, Cause You Know What All I Have Seen?
& Thing I Cannot Name

That's All That's Been Around Me
& That's All I See

God Built You Strong
Black, Proud & Bold
Tall, Thin & Tone

He Built You With Broad Shoulder
& Legs Of Any Man
So When The World Fell On You
You Might Have Stumble
But Never Have You Fell
Never Once Have You Hit Your Knees,
So Why Now Must You Give This Plea

God Built You Strong
Just Look Around & See
Who Does Every One Turn To When They Can't Hold On
Just So You Can Say Its Okay To Go On

God Built You Strong
Will You See
& With That, The Angel Left Me

God Built Me Strong
Yes Indeed
He Made Me Strong For Everyone Around Me

God Gave You My Hand So
I'll Never Let You Go
God Gave You My Rib
So I'll Never Leave Your Side
God Gave You My Eye
So I'll Never Lose Sight Of You
God Gave You My Heart
So I Can Eternally Love You
But God Gave Me My Mind
So I Could Write Down This Poem Just In Time

God Built Me Strong
Black, Proud & Bold
Just So I Could Be Able To Tell You Its Okay To Hold On……

Written by Poetiq Tika


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