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They Charge Me With A Crime

Sirens rang as they draw near
I stand at the door waiting for the arrest I must face
They charged me with the crime of letting words
Flow from my mind
Down my arm
To my hand
Into a pen
& upon a page
They say I am a criminal
Because I am
They handcuff me &
Put me in the back of a squad car
I look to crowd
Expecting to see shame upon their face
But none lingered that day
I guess I wrote all the things they didn't have the heart to say
Throw me in a 10 by 10 cell and slam the door
Yea you might caged me
But you will never enslave my mind
So with the razor you throw to me
To commit my own suicide
I took it & wrote my words upon these walls
Not caring how many years you added on
Because every prisoner is reciting them through these halls
You say you condemn me to death
You have the authority to send me to the electric chair
You might give me death
But you do not condemn me to it
See God gave me this gift
& I must use it
See poetry is not my occupation
But my life
So know one thing you may lock me up
& cage me
But you will never enslave my mind
Because I shall always remain a poet
Through in
Of time

Written by Poetiq Tika


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