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The Date...

Seven hours of phornocation, feelings of
nothing but sexual anticipation.

Seven hours of communication, seven
more hours of proximation.

Holding hands is a good sign of male 2
female respectability,

The whole seven hours spent pondering of
this girls flexibility.

Every guy knows a girl has their own
morals about their lives.

Also every guy knows a girl holds in a lil' freak
and that is why he strives.

To show his masculinity, and slowly
sensitively his femininity.

But shorty thinks about his problem waiting
at home,

And was it really meant to be.

The lies behold, lay below in your heart crying,

A feeling of pain iches your intestines now
you feel like dieing.

You always knew cheating was wrong,

You knew it all along.......

But you were confused, fooled, and
bamboozled by that Devil in Red Thongs...

Written by Tripp aka The Truthe....


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