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Wasted you time in trouble before,
That nigga that came pounding on you door;
Called you bitches, rats, and whores',
That foolish love you had, you are hoping
not to have anymore.

You hated him but you had felt that you
were trapped,
Held Imprissoned...
Grown but Kidnapped.

Thinking of ways to get away,
Away from this foolish crap;
You try to stay away for days,
Before your whole world snaps.

Everyone tells you that he's no-good,
Everyone says that she lives fowl....

You reply, " I wanna get away believe me,
but I just don't know how"

A relationship based on sex,
That sex was no good anyway;
As soon as they reach their climax,
They would try to hurt cha' in any way.

Changing your life when your friends had
to become enemies, He made you break away;
Telling you they are not who they pretend to be.

Trying to keep you to herself,
To trap you tightly in her grasp;
Calling you every minuite,
To assure that you are not sliding in the grass.

When the whole time she was creeping,
Any time she thought you were sleepin;
But the reality was you just didn't know what to do,
You knew you were being Mistreaten........

Written by Tripp aka The Truthe....


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