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State of our Union

Dr. King had a dream and Malcolm had a plan
But neither is put to action because we're too busy blaming the man
Saying he has too many demands, and he's not giving us a chance
Well let's get up and take a stand
So many people were tortured, so many of our ancestors killed
So one day the future generations would have better lives to live
But now we sit back and chill, like we climbed over the hill
And you wonder why the man has our future sealed
Everybody's mad that Bill Cosby got on TV
Told the truth on his people and showed them no pity
When he said stop blaming white people for your problems
Get your lazy butts up, and try to solve them
Now I'm not a Black Panther with all the answers
I'm just trying to say if we don't change, this will kill us like a cancer
Look into my eyes and you'll see the tears of my people
Because the hole we're trying to climb out is just getting deeper
And our strong hearts and pride is now getting weaker
And we're still being sold as slaves but now the price is cheaper
And now we say if you're black you better know how to rap
And no need for college because it don't take a degree to do that
But if you can't rap, pick up a ball and hope to go pro
Because if you don't well back to the ghetto you go
Stop saying you didn't get the job because you ain't white
Maybe you didn't get it because you're not that bright
Nobody told you to drop out of school
Now you at home, on the porch, looking like a damn fool
But let's get back to the topic, all this laziness, stop it
Help our children excel so they'll fly as high as a rocket
Then sit back and watch as our children succeed
Then you'll realize that the time spent was worth it indeed
So Black America… start taking care of your kids
And Black America… stop the kids having kids
Then Black America… it's too many of us in jail
Not enough in the church… man we're gonna end up in hell
Now Black America… start taking a stand
And Black America… young men pull up your pants
Then Black America… quick here's your chance
While everyone's quiet, start listing your demands

Written by Torrian Tucker


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