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(February 14, 2003-May 20, 2005)

So I was writing Truth be Told: Chapter 6
In the middle of this very important scene
When I was interrupted by a telephone ring
"Hello" "Yo Terrell" "Man, who am I speaking to"
"I need you to wake up dog, I got something to tell you"
It was a close friend, the clock read 1:08
I was tired, damn near sleep, I said "Couldn't this wait"
"Nope, Your first love pulled the wool over all of our eyes"
"What?!" "She told me, you, and this other dude lies"
So he started explaining how he went with her after me
And what they all did, and on the inside it was killing me
So I got on my knees asking the Lord "Why?!"
But my friend told me some more shocking news before I could cry
"Remember that dude that she told you was her cousin?"
"Yeah," "Well come to find out, that's the other dude she's been loving"
Loving….Hugging…Fucking, and Kissing
It's 1:30 in the morning, and I'm
Huffing… Puffing…Bugging, and Tripping
Tripping on the fact I've been with this girl for 2 long… hard years
We had our ups and downs, our share of smiles and tears
Went through the Joy and Pain, now she granted my deepest fear
She cheated on me with some dude and a close friend
I could feel the walls around me starting to close in
So I called her up and we talked for some time
We both sniffling on the phone, trying to hold back the crying
"I remember there were talks about you being my wife
But from what I was just told, I'm ready to end my life
Yeah, what you did was stupid and trife
Got me filled with anger and strife
But I know the consequences and impeding danger to strike
A female so I channel my anger and write
They say anger brings your true feelings to the light
So I'm praying to God asking him to guide me through the night
A couple of months earlier, I would have been ready to fight
But now, I just hope with you, everything is all right
Although, my friends and family want to put a slug in you
I am going to do nothing but continuously love you
Now some people may call me a fool
Because even though the shit that you did was cruel
I'm not mad, in fact, I thank you… thank you for taking me to school
You taught me how to love and be loved, so I am forever grateful
That's why my feeling for you are nowhere near hateful
I know that this may sound a little cliché
But I loved our relationship and wouldn't have wanted it any other way"
So we said our final good-byes shed our last tears, our words were soft spoken
I sit in my room alone… Heartbroken.

Written by Torrian Tucker


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