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The Struggle

Life is a struggle with pain
I can't see the sunny days for the rain
I feel like losing control and going insane
But through this poetry I release my pain
This journey is a weary path
Sometimes you are happy and sometimes you're sad
You will cry more than you will laugh
It seems like the struggle will never end
In a world that is troubled and filled with sin
But through this poetry I can pretend
That all my troubles will surely end
Sometimes I just want to scream
Because my burdens are so overwhelming
I have eyes but I cannot see
Why all of this is happening
I wonder what peace is… something I never known
I wonder what love is… something I'm never shown
I wonder what friends are and why I'm all alone
I wonder what Heaven is and a voice says "my home"
I then remember that God does care
And he'll never put more on than I can bear

Written by Torrian Tucker


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