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Love at First Sight

I have this friend
Who met another one of my friends
Now, they are close friends
Actually, they are boyfriend and girlfriend
Soon to be husband and wife
You see, when they met it was love at first sight
And that's something that I just could not, quite… grasp
I just couldn't comprehend, how, when two people's eyes meet contact
Their emotions would react
In such a fact, that
Their mind would create illusionary memories that it would flashback, to
I could never understand this concept
Well, until I met
This, Ebony Goddess
This, Nubian Princess
This, Mahogany Queen
This, JET Beauty of the week
That makes me weak
With those elegant words that she speak
Like Hi, and Hello
You see, I never have felt like this about someone before
That's a little vague, let me explain it some more
I remember seeing her around campus one day
Her beauty, so magnificent, I didn't know what to say
I would find myself daydreaming
About us going on dates
Talking on the phone late
At night, going on morning
Both of us laying in our bed's yawning
Around a quarter 'til three
Talking about "You sleep…" "Naw… I mean I'm sleepy, but I ain't sleep…"
When I first saw her, my mind didn't tarry at all
For the thought "This is the girl that I want to marry," evolved
At times I would fantasize and wish
That our lips would be intertwine in a kiss
Long… Deep… Soft…Passionate…
A kiss so quiet, yet, it still speak volumes…
Or sometimes my mind is over consumed
With the thoughts of her having my kids…
Man, what a incredible feeling that is
I would sometimes picture her in the kitchen cooking
And I would sneak up behind her, wrap my arms around her waist and whisper "Hey, good looking"
You see, I don't have the words in my vocabulary to explain
The feeling I would have if she were to share my last name
I know she catches me staring her at times
And I hope she's listening to me on this stage, reciting this poetic rhyme
Because when I look in her beautiful brown eyes, those windows to her soul
I feel even richer than the man who owns silver and gold
Because my heart soars like an eagle in flight
I now understand the concept of Love at First Sight

Written by Torrian Tucker


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