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Poetic Justice

It is summer but yet the world's cold
If you are a pregnant 15-year old
She was sweet, quiet as a mouse
But when her parents found out, she was kicked out the house
Now her boyfriend's upset, furious and mad
Because he found out he's gonna be a dad
Now he's walking around the world with a frown
Then he says the baby isn't his, and then he skips town
So she turns to the church seeking what to do
But the pastor says "we don't help sinners like you"
She has so many questions and not enough answers
Bad news keeps coming, her grandma died because of cancer
Feeling abandon and no one to show her love
She turns to a life filled with drugs
Cocaine, PCP, Heroine… yeah she developed a habit
I think it is an understatement to call her an addict
She loved getting high, it would put her in a daze
She started sharing needles, so now she has AIDS
This girl would get high to laugh away her pain it would seem
But I don't find the humor at dying at 15
The doctors did their best, they did all they could do
But there was no hope, the baby died too
Now this isn't a story about Mary Ann or Suzie Q
This is about a Negro girl that looks just like you
This poem isn't made to make you mad but to make you think
This is poetic juice for your mind to drink
If you see this girl drowning, help her before she sinks...

Written by Torrian Tucker


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