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The Fire is Dead (And that's why it rains)

It is the summer but yet I'm cold
Because this girl ran away with my soul
I wonder if she knows
That although
Separate places we will go
I will be filled with sorrow
But yet she will always be on mind
Because she was my definition of fine
And sometimes
I would find
Myself saying, "It would be nice to call her mine"
Because her beauty was so divine
And the way she smiled and laugh made my heart shine
Oh, I wish I could turn back the hands of time
So we can go back to the beginning
But this time it wouldn't have an ending
2 kids just laughing and grinning
I can't explain how much I loved that feeling
Many times I found myself contemplating
And meditating
On how devastating
And it was aggravating
The hell out of me
Because I saw what her "soul-mate" couldn't see
That she should be treated like royalty
So I made it my sole responsibility
To keep her as happy as she could be
Thinking that eventually
There may be a possibility
That she would leave him for me
But she explained very clearly
That even though there is chemistry…
She cannot leave him for me
And when her voice, which sounded like a harmonic symphony
Utter those words that she spoke to me
It almost killed me
And I could feel myself being shot
And I could feel that time had stopped
And I could feel that my heart had dropped
And in that instant…
I knew I could only love her from a distance
Soon to be erased from her remembrance
And I could feel that my inspiration
And my temptation
Which gave me that incredible sensation
Would be no more…
And I would have to walk out of her heart's door
Never to return
And my soul does burn
Yet, this is a moral of another lesson learned
You can't always get what you want
Because some things in life are here just to taunt
Now before I shed this last tear
It is my deepest fear
That she will forget this past year
And from here memories I will disappear
But her voice is the last thing I want to here
Because that will be the only thing to bring me cheer
And as I race
To leave this place
Because I cannot face
Seeing her beauty
I made it my duty
To leave her be
Because she does not belong to me
And when we say all there is to say
And when everything is finally said
The wind will blow out the candle and the fire will be dead
Now I'm left in the dark crying these tears of pain
And now you know just why it rains…

Written by Torrian Tucker


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