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I Remember

I remember
I saw you around campus one day
You were looking so good
I didn't know what to say
I remember
Seeing you again in class
You sat right in front of me,
I couldn't let
This chance pass
So I asked you to
Go out with me
I remember when you said yes,
There was a tremendous joy in me
I remember before our first date,
I had a talk with your brethren
I remember you coming down the staircase,
I thought you were coming down from Heaven
I remember trying to look at you
But I was blinded by your beauty
I remember the look on your father's face,
It was clear he wanted to shoot me
I remember your dad had me scared
I mean I was buggin
Maybe because of that Beretta on his hip
He was huggin
A year later and
We are still together
I remember falling in love with you on the first day
And wanting that feeling to last forever
I remember when I got down on one knee
And asked you to marry me
Then the professor said "class dismissed"
And I was snapped back into reality
No matter how real it may have seemed
Now I remember it was nothing more than a dream

Written by Torrian Tucker


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