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My Love Letter to You

I've been thinking about you all day
Longing to talk to you but didn't know what to say
So I'm writing my feelings here on paper
Maybe I will build enough courage to tell you later
The first time that I saw you my heart began to pound
My knees began to weaken every time you were around
For so long I had been searching for true love to come my way
I just knew you were the one right from the very first day
You are the prettiest girl that I have seen
When I looked at you I saw my Nubian Queen
I won't pretend that your beauty doesn't have an effect on me
When in reality
Your smile is what makes me whole
Just seeing you brings joy to my soul
The beauty of your loving smile has stolen all my heart
And I can hardly stand it whenever you part
I can no longer keep my love for you trapped inside
And my feelings for you, I will no longer hide
From the first time I saw you, I thought "could it be,"
"Did the girl of my dreams become reality?"
With one more look, I was sure I knew,
The wish I made had finally come true
I found my dream girl and my dream girl is you.

Written by Torrian Tucker


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