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I Don't Wanna Stand by Myself

I'm standing
But not to be arrogant
But to issue a challenge
To those "independent women"…

Will all the good women…please stand up

If you are a real woman then you know just where I'm coming from
When I tell you that I am not the one
I'm not the one to spend money on you
Buy a pair of shoes
So you can walk and hold hands with another dude
While I'm at home calling your cell like a fool
Please stand up
Those real women not influenced by Destiny's Child
Those women who want to stay at home and chill instead of going to the club acting wild
And even if you're at the club, you keep a low profile
And not trying to hustle a drink out of me with some ass-shaking and a smile
Please stand up
Because these songs have gotten me to believe that you all are dead
Can't give you a compliment without you getting a bighead
Can't have a conversation without it leading to the bed
Too busy paying attention at the gators on my feet instead of the words I just said
Please stand up
Because these songs have gotten you to believe that you need a
Please stand up
If you can comprehend that I am the brother that's able
To keep a job to pay for the telephone, lights, and cable
And also put food on that table
Please stand up
If you not gonna spit game
Wait for me to trick out change
And love is the only thing that you're trying to gain
Please stand up
If you can go through the hardship
Of a relationship
Instead of skipping out like a…
Please stand up
If a good man is something you can value
If you are a girl that always stay true
If this poem is talking about you

Please stand up
Because this is the girl that I want to pursue

And all you other girls
Please… remain seated.

Written by Torrian Tucker


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