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My Sincere Apology

Forgive me because I am not that thug brother
I mean I could only be that good brother
You know that compassionate lover
To show that I loved ya
Forgive me for not hitting you only hugging ya
For kissing you and not shoving ya
For holding you and not punching ya
Forgive me for treating you as if you had class
And for not treating you like trash
Or throwing you through that glass
Oh, did I mention for not putting my foot in your ass…
I thought you were on that other shit when you said that I was too nice
But I guess it is us good men who always have to pay price
I'm sorry my mouth is not full of platinum and gold
My feelings for you are not heartless and cold
I have a bald fade instead of cornrows
And I'm truly sorry that the bracelet I bought you
Is not worth more than the ring you ex-boyfriend stole
I apologize that I mostly wear ties and suits
Instead of du-rags and boots
I'm sorry that I try to keep the lights on
Instead of worrying about how much ice I got on
I apologize that I can't bleed the block
And run from cops
I mean I would, by my time is consumed by this 9 to 5 job I got
I apologize I don't disown my kids and keep up with drama
And I'm terribly sorry I don't have four or five baby mamas
I'm truly sorry that I don't spend most of my time with my patnas playing sports
And I wear 3-piece suits even though I don't go to court
I'm sorry my name is not caught up in the he said, she said, you heard it
And that I don't have guilty of criminal charges verdicts
I'm trying to figure out what I've done for you not to like me
Please forgive the fact that I'm not "all in the club spitting game in my white tee"
I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me
So please accept my sarcastic, I mean sincere apology

Written by Torrian Tucker


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