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Public Service Announcement

This is for all the Niggas out there…

Niggas… stop call each other niggas
A word
To when the slave master
Would say things such as
Where's my nigga, where you been nigga, come here nigga, that's my nigga
Imagine our ancestors sitting on the train or the bus
Hearing us
When we say
Where's my nigga, where you been nigga, come here nigga, that's my nigga
This is a public service announcement
When you call black people niggas it ain't cool it's a denouncement
Degrading our race
Helping "the man" putting us back in our place
We're living in a world were black people faced
Discrimination, segregation, humiliation, and separation
Between our own people
And I'm standing out looking in through the peep hole
And it's real pitiful
Shocking and appalling
That we've went through so much but still resort to the name-calling
But I really do find it funny how
When a black person says nigga then everything's alright
But you'll be ready to fight if the dude was white
But that ain't right
That's why I'm uncovering the light
With these words that I write
Trying to give you some insight
Telling you that word is not cool in spite
Of what Black society may think
We need to rethink
Sit back and realize that we have been hoodwinked
And bamboozled
And "the man" has made a fool of
Each and every last one of us
So if we are going to continue to use that word
We might as well start sitting in the back of the bus
Tell Jesse Jackson that there is no more hope
And give up our hard fought right to vote
Let's go back to coming in from the back of the restaurant
Because niggas wasn't allowed to come in through the front
Let's forget about those freedom speeches and civil rights
Let's go back to separate facilities for blacks and the whites
I mean niggas wasn't liked, but they were viewed as people
And since we call ourselves niggas, might as well go back to "Separate but equal"
Forget Dr. King's dream and Malcolm X's plan
I'm sure niggas loved being bound by "the man"
Let's forget about these niggas who ride nice cars on these roads
Let's go back to being the niggas on that Underground Railroad
If we keep calling ourselves niggas, do you know where we'll be
Back on that plantation, bound in slavery
This word nigga is a disease and I wonder who can save us
This is just something to think about… But I'll holla at y'all niggas later

Written by Torrian Tucker


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