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Test Day

It is 8:00 in the morning
School now yet dawning
Cannot concentrate because his dreams are taunting
Or shall I say they are haunting
Him because he has a test today and instead of studying, he was out drinking beers and flaunting
At the party his 2005 Range Rover
Now he has a hangover
Sitting in class, this exam is beating his ass
Knowing he is not going to pass, he asks
"Why did I act like a Jackass before…"
She thought he was her true love
Showering her with passionate kisses and hugs
Acted like a real man and not a young thug
She thought, "Truly, an angel sent from above"
Until she found out, he was infected by this bug
You see they were at his family reunion; he was playing a game of spades
She was sitting down in the shade,
Drinking a nice cool glass of lemonade
When drunken Uncle Billy Ray had enough nerve to get up and say
"You know this boy is bisexual and got that disease called AIDS"
Wondering why she did not do a background check
Wondering why safety was something for her to neglect
Wondering why her hormones just happened to get the best
She sits in the clinic asking herself,
"Why didn't I have safe sex"
She walks around the house looking stressed
It has been two weeks that she's been this nervous wrecked
The mailman comes to her address to deliver her results from her
She was the most popular girl in school
He was an athlete, so I guess he was cool
One night they got drunk just like two fools
And had sex in somebody's pool
Now she seems to have what is called morning sickness
Not to mention her "friend" did not make her monthly visit
And from what others could witness
Her thighs gained some thickness
And her stomach looked its biggest
Now she sits in the nurse's office with a decision to make
"Do I keep the baby or do its life I take"
Husband and Wife for seven long years
Stayed and fought through all the tears
Both had successful careers but through her peers
Was told her deepest fear,
He was cheating on her with a grocery store cashier
Constantly thinks about it night and day
Looks at him with a look of dismay
So every night on her knees she pray
"I know you are trying my faith, what should I do; go or stay"
Standing at the pearly gates,
Looking back, wandering is it too late,
Waiting in line awaiting our fate,
Wanting to get in because my eternity is at stake,
Did I do everything I was asked,
Constantly pondering as I reflect back on my past,
Sweat pours down my face,
The tempo of my heart picks up the pace,
I hope for mercy and grace,
As the bright light shines upon my face,
I stand and pray,
My results come back in my favor,
As my judgment is spoken to me by my Savior,
There is nothing else I can say,
But here are my results on,

Written by Torrian Tucker


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