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Alone I take care of the seeds a nigga planted in me one night
Excuse me if I seem a little angry or a tad bitter
But lemme paint a picture for you niggas to consider
See this wasn't no trap type shit
The sex was very consensual
When I gave him my number didn't consider what I was getting myself into
I was young, dumb, and just living life
In my mind I wasn't gone be a baby momma but some ones wife
Obviously shit didn't work out like that because I'm a single mother right
What was once just sex relations
Is now a complicated situation
Constant fights endless drama
Never wanted to be his baby momma
But I am I love my child can't stand that man
I mean this nigga had no common sense
Should have considered that before I let him dip in
Raw and unprotected knowing one sample of this aquafina
Would have that ass acting wreck less
One night with this man changed everything I was
I used to roll big blunts taking shots in the club
Now it simalac and back packs
Gerber baby and fruit snacks
Hundreds of dollars in daycare and this nigga don't seem to care
And you know he tried to play me telling everyone it aint his baby
This aint Maury nigga u crazy but in case you were wondering
I'm 100 million percent sure that's his baby
Look at the eyes, ears head and nose
Nigga got your feet down to them ugly ass toes
But all that shit is irrelevant see he does nothing to benefit me
I guess I got it fucked up
It's about the baby not about us
We not together but his ass steady hawking
Outside my job and house nigga that's stalking
Claim to be over me calling at 4am nigga your child sleep
Get off pussy patrol stop tryna clock me
Call during business hours matter fact talk is cheap
It aint keeping Polo on they back or J's on they feet
And it damn sure aint keeping them in daycare this week
So let's get it understood with or without you nigga we good
I'm driving this ship alone you can call me Captain
Standing tall by myself making this shit happen
My boys will see a strong black women in they presence
Through the storm holding it down we can still count our blessings
Although it wasn't in life's plan I'm a single mother raising two men.

Written by Lillia Turner aka... Lilo


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