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Call it a divine encounter
Batting eyes exchanging flirtatious remarks over the sprint store counter
No idea that the conversation
Was the seed planted to birth
This future relation….ship
When I gave my number and dipped I gave it no thought
After all that's how my failed relationships start
But this was different deep in my soul my status was already changed
Early thoughts of me screaming your name
Planned time to get to know each other
Led to pillow talk while laying under the cover
Only to discover we have so much in common
Wanting and needing the same thing that's just not common
Breaking walls down like they never existed
Unequipped to harbor such feelings so I try to dismiss it
But I can't they been rooted in my spirit
Them bitches talking I aint tryna hear it
This right here has been in the making for a long time
Heartaches and bad relations just happened to past time
You was out here looking for dimes with no common cents
I was looking for a nigga to go half on the rent
Neither of us looking for the right thing
You had many one night stands
I had a few flings
But last night you showed me things I should know
The words you spoke touched my soul
I couldn't have painted a more perfect picture
Trying not to mess this up I see the bigger picture
Things seem better when I'm with ya
So let's be clear on the position Ima play
For however long you need me to Ill stay
But at the end of the day my role has been set
I'm the best for you there will be no regrets
The script has been written
The characters have been chose
We will play or position
As the relationship grows

Written by Lillia Turner aka... Lilo


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