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Women of GOD

I've been given a chance to be renewed
My spirit was on E he has given me fuel
A chance to live again
He just ask that I repent for my sins
Never thought someone could love me unconditionally
Even when I am unstable mentally
And this body he gave me as a temple
Has been an open door I've allowed men into
Never did I consider that I'm supposed to cherish it
Love and protect it till someone wants to marry it
Didn't consider it's a reflection of HIM so watch how I carry it
And what's the scariest is feeling like I let him down
He gave me a gift that I buried inside
Not knowing that's what keeps me alive
You see I have the gift of encouragement
With my words I provide nourishment
As I speak your mind begins to mold pictures
I speak truth like scriptures
Just hear me out
Ruth's we will never find our Boaz if we keep putting out
Eve's be an encouragement to your men
Uplift him don't lead him to sin
Sara's be patient no need to rush
God will provide you children he just ask for trust
Tamar's no need to manipulate
God will give you the desires of your heart be patient just wait
Women know your worth
A man slaved 14 years to get under Rachel skirt
Martha's don't worry much
Father GOD will supply our needs because of his love for us
You adulteress allow others not to judge
Jesus said those without sin cast the first stone
Sit back and watch who does
And you prostitutes Rehab was just like you
Only she had amazing faith not only in what GOD can and has done but what he will do
The point I'm tryna make ladies is we all have flaws
But the blessing is knowing that GOD will catch us when we fall
He is always there guarding our heart
Give him the glory not only at the end but from the start
Just believe and trust in him
Try marrying a heavenly groom
Before looking for a earthly man.

Written by Lillia Turner aka... Lilo


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