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She was I am

I realize that she may have a hold on you
But I'm confident in the fact Ima grow on you
And as I grow in you she will become a memory
When you look at me you will no longer see her but what we can be
I'm that pick up when you fall
Down for you no matter the cause
No need for brick walls I'm her flaws and all
Sit down lets view all the possibilities of future memories we could share
When I tell you I care do you believe me
Stimulate my mind. body and soul don't tease me
And I'm not counting on this being easy
But naturally we flow
I'm here to listen Boo tell me what I need to know
And this aint no lust shit
Because deep down I'm trying to build trust
Let's not rush it
Take it slow for the relationship protection
Show me affection teach me Ill learn the lesson
None the while second guessing my feelings for you
Whatever you ask of me Ill follow thru
We can stand on my words they are truth
This foundation needs to be strong down to the roots
I put all my eggs in one baskets no longer on the prowl
Take a seat baby enjoy my company for a while
I have been thru the drama and all the bull shit
I wanna experience bliss you know the fireworks after the first kiss
No more time for niggas who intentions are to have they named mentioned
While he inside or I'm going along for the ride
With you I'm regaining my pride
So let's take a long walk baby let's talk
about your dreams and ambitions
I wanna know what's important to you
I'm banking one day I'll be important to
So let's set the ground rules to make this work
Honesty, loyalty, understanding is a must
Good sex is a perk
Be nice to see you in church on Sundays
Baby we gonna need Jesus to help us thru the stormy days
No need to talk about marriage and kids
Let's leave that where it's at and take this for what it is
This is history in the making
I put my heart out there it is yours for the taking

Written by Lillia Turner aka... Lilo


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