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Ghetto Rhythms (Day One)

street is decorated
with empty potato chip bags
and brown paper sacks
with E&J lips peeking out the top.

A single drop poised on the glass rim
gleams under the eye of the sun

Children run by
      Playing games that children play
      Absently kicking the clutter from their path

      In the gutter lies,
      An abandoned ragged, urine yellow
      "Police: Do Not Cross" line

The other day
I saw them using it as a finish line
For their relay race

      Imagine those little boy feet
      in old funky tennis shoes
      runnin' fast as they can

      Joy in their eyes
      Smiles on their lips
      Laughter chasin' their behinds
      A quick 10 second high

All racing toward a yellow strip that
one day will surround
more than one
of their
dead, black bodies

Written by Twana Griffin


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