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A Dream

As the world and I sleep,
I dream of he and I happy together again.
We are reunited, and our world is a perfect space.

We are living as one, and each other is all we have left to possess....
In my imaginings, ecstasy is divine.
When he speaks, I am overcome with joy and content.
He strives to amuse me, and it doesn't take much.
My head falls back briefly as I laugh robustly.
He is pleased that I am jubilant, and kisses me beneath my earlobe.
It is such an endearing gesture.
I feel his warm breath brush my neck as he utters quite gently,
"Baby, You are so beautiful..."
My laughter is condensed by the seriousness that rests upon his face.
He is looking at me with so much love and intensity that I am unsure whether or not
to make mention of his words.
I return the gaze, but again the concentration is too much to bear and I allow my eyes to
descend to his hands.
His hands embark upon a journey to my chin, and he lifts my head with his finger
and meaningfully reveals the following:
"I am so glad you're mine."

These sentiments are uncomplicated, yet gratifying.
I can recall that this is pure bliss, and that absolutely nothing else in this world can
And suddenly, just as I begin to enjoy this loving instant,
Just as it starts to develop into an even more remarkable episode,
A dreadful event comes to light:
I am awakened from my siesta.

And I am faced with a very rude awakening:
Our union is one that continued existence only in my dreams.

Written by U-Nique


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