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My Lover/Pusher Man

Hey Medicine Man. Where you been?
I've been ailing and wondering just who's been fortunate enough
To get some of that good 'medicine' that you give.

I've been searching for a new medicine man.
One that could 'examine' me once and tell me what's wrong.
But no one has the expertise that you possess-
No one has 'medicine' that strong.

Remember how I used to get your 'prescriptions?'
And refill them night after night?
I was strung out-so high on your love
You had laced it with desire and delight.

Tell me, are you still practicing medicine?
Because this angel can't fly on one wing
I could use a little fix here and there-
Hey man, I'm willing to do anything.

Since I can't pay you, I'll jog your memory
And remind you of how I used to get down-
Remember When I was your favorite head nurse?
The way I used to take your chocolate stick and lick it all around?

I'm writing this for my medicine man.
The one who used to heal my ills,
The one I miss and love ever so much
The man whose shoes no one can ever fill.

Written by U-Nique


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