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I've been played, but I've learned the game

Why must I be the one to kiss ass?
When I'm havin problems…they don't even ask!
They always leave me hangin
While they go out gamin
Then they tell me a lie…
That I'm supposed to buy?!
I fell for it once, I fell for it twice
Believe me…it wasn't nice

I must tell you my friend…I'm tired of bein used
Therefore, I refuse…
I refuse to be lied to, and I refuse to be played
now I've grown wise
And I've made up my mind
No longer will I play the fool
(but I gots to keep my cool)
no longer will I kiss their ass
(but to play dis game, I must 'think fast')
I'm tired of bein walked on…
(it's not fun)

I been lettin it sly,
Sayin it's iight
But deep down inside,
I know that's a lie.
For so long I've been frontin
about how much I'm hurtin
without a doubt…
I just let most of it out
The point of this is…
To all those two-faced, lyin, hypocrites……

Written by Lori Valmond aka… poetic freedom


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