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To you…My First "Boo"

Nice talks on da phone
Long walks down da block
Sweet kisses we exchanged
Warm hugs that you gave
Soft touch of your hand...
Yup…you was my man
You said "I love you baby"
I said "I LIKE you too"
(for the word "love"
Is not (yet) in my vocabulary_ boo)
You said the right words
And did the right things,
But "cata to you"
Was what you asked me to do
I'm sorry boo, that…I could not do
I'm won't be "a slave for you"
And I refuse to be used

Part II:

I thought we would last
But… I guess that was too much to ask
You had your sista break the news
Cause you knew what you would lose
But I guess it didn't matta
Cuz two days lata…
You was with anotha girl
Walkin down the block
Tender kissin, warm huggin
Was what you was givin
You had yo hand on ha ass
Not even thinking bout our past
But I see you're happy now
You musta got what you wanted…
A girl on her knees
"caterin" to your needs

Written by Lori Valmond aka… poetic freedom


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