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My AlPhAbEt…

Anger Acknowledges Animosity
Bearing Burdens Brings Brighter days
Cryin Creates Curiosity
Depression Deprives and Does Daring Dark Deeds
Emancipate of Envy
Forget Faults_ Feel Free Forever
Generously Give Guidance
Holding Hate Hurts; a Humble Heart is Healthier
Integrity Is Indeed Ideal; Intellectuals…Ironically Independent
Judge Jealousy Justly
Kindness or Karma
Loud Laughter Lures; Love Lingers Like a sore finger
Melodies Make Moods Magnify!
Never is Nothing
Objection Obviously Occurs
Poetry Ponders People
Quiet is Quintessential Quiescence
Regret Reeks_ Respect Resolves
Search Soul Slowly; Secure Secrets
Tears Tear Though Thick "hardware"
Unbelievably Unfair
Violence calls Vulnerable Victims
Wishful Wanting_ Wait Wisely
Xylophones eXhibit eXtraordinary sounds
Yesterday's gone Yet Ye still Yonder for it
Zestful Zealot

Written by Lori Valmond aka… poetic freedom


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