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White Mountain

There's a wind here so strong it shakes this stone house.
A howl from pain and cold, a particular anguish-
Not a foot in a trap, but a foot in a trap and the snow
getting deeper. I look out under the leafless Beech
which I'd take for dead if I didn't believe in Spring's coming.
I walk around the property thinking I might happen upon
the source of the sound. How could that howl be wind alone?
Something has snapped in two. Something has been lost
that won't return in this life. I want to find the mouth of it.
I'm stumbling in a thin coat flapping at my sides. It seems
as if I might ride the horse that haunts me if I could just let go.
Let it take me up crying easily as this wind is lifting me now.

Written by Vievee Francis


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