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Why I Don't Wait

Because I used to and
now the years have gone by
and some of them without me.

And my passions have drifted
or heightened and either way
they have my attention.

Because there are some who don't
mind and will meet me where I am.

And those who simply like the right now
no matter what the right now holds
and there is danger in going back, remember?
And what is there ahead if our feet slip now
because we refused to see where we stand?

Look, there is a summer cottage where a couple sleeps
without food. Stolen shelter. And there
is an old man who won't see his family again
and can't recall their faces not because his mind won't
let him, but because he refused to see his family
and now, can't. So many cruelties in the now.

And if we lose this moment? We lose our balance,
the promise inherent in the well-worn waking hours.

Written by Vievee Francis


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