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Ambient Kisses

Ambient kisses
touch my face to arise to a new morning
as she still sleeps, peacefully,
sound deep slumber in a dream of my presence.
I sit and watch how sexy she is in the morning light.
I lay back down beside, staring into the face of an angel.
Her body so soft and sensual makes graceful indentations as she moves.
I move longing to be next to her, feel her breathe as she breathes life into my soul.
My hand touches her face...I stop…take a breath.

The pathway to her soul opens as she looks at me...
Grabs my hand, and speaks words of good morning.
Her naked silhouette moves closer. She touches my face...
I stop and take breathe...

A peaceful sensation flows, knows not of lust, but of love.
She engrosses herself, bodies, no space intervened, no space in between us as we
spoke in silent measures; staring at each other.
Broken silence she made as she touched my ear with" I love you" and on my face, she
placed ambient kisses.

Written by Carl Walker, Jr. aka... "SMOKE"


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