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They say the girls come a dime a dozen.

Maybe cheaper then the dozen.

Appeared to be one thing, and then it wasn't.

She was finer than my ex, and thicker than your cousin,

But her head wasn't right, it made my soul start cussing.

All the cussing and fussing that she and I did before.

How did I skip strike three, and go straight to strike four?

All that shit didn't even matter no more,

Cause I knew it was trouble when she walked through that door.

"DING" "DING" started the sound of round one,

Bobbing and weaving like Ali; the daughter, not the son.

We both exchanged words, and boy did they hit hard.

"I don't know who won that round, but its going to the cards."

So unexpected, she broke all the laws,

Like a left to the chin, and a right to the jaw,

She caught me with an uppercut, and exposed all my flaws.

But all the extra work she did, didn't even help,

Cause when she exposed me, she exposed herself.

AS the battle came to an end, she heard a familiar sound.

It was the bald headed referee, waiving to stop the round.

She went to her corner, and put her head down,

Thinking, exactly how she's gonna win this round.

And as her head came up, she stepped into the light.

She finally realized, she was alone that night.

She had her boxing gloves taped, all nice and tight,

we weren't suppose to work

You just set us up to


Written by Carl Walker, Jr. aka... "SMOKE"


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