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Caramel Smile

Skin Tone
That glows like the morning sun, secretes salutations of morning embrace.
Movements of definition and assurance, embodies the one who moves in elegant language.
The language of love that knows my face, and my desires for her.

My mind lost in future, pastimes that glare.
Long walks here, Fun times there,
Little moments of intimacy do we dare…share.
Still after, still I care…
For you like the first time my eyes met you that morning of an August wind.
Uncontrolled feelings of wonder, whirled past my winded soul, and walked through the door of my waiting heart.
Mesmerized by the…

Skin tone
That said hello in simple words that I know.
A touch of reality places me back in space of distance between us,
But I long to be a space invader to her space
Wanting to leave no space
Between me and her

Caramel Smile!

Written by Carl Walker, Jr. aka... "SMOKE"


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