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We were terrorized when they
brought us from our land of
freedom to be slaves.
If we had known about the sneak attack
we would have buried them all in graves.

You see, they were weak,
so they had to sneak,
because they knew about our power
that they would surely meet.

Our bodies they had to beat,
shackle our hands and our feet,
pack us on a ship, that felt like
a hell of nothing but devils and heat.

Had us build and till their land,
because they weren't strong enough
in mind and body, like the
black woman and black man.

Those good-ole boys raped our wives,
nearly took their lives,
only to rob them of their jewels,
and the black man's prize.

Had them bore their children,
who being mixed, would never be free,
only to work in the Big House,
because they were lighter than you and me.

Looking back, wasn't it ashame,
our land of freedom and opportunity
was the only one to blame.

Terrorism continues,
but it is better known to us as

Written by Wanda C. Borders


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