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My Earthly Father

Heavenly Father,
thank You for my earthly father,
made in Your image,
black, big and strong,
filled with Your spirit and
head of our home.

He is proud that You put him
in charge of Your land,
to honor You and carry out Your plan.

He is thankful that You included him
in Your project called life,
and glad that You gave him a
precious gift called a wife.

He treats momma,
like she is an angel,
always protecting her,
from all kinds of danger.

He is grateful,
You allowed momma to give birth,
to the child You sent from
Heaven to Earth.

He cuddles me,
like I am a prize,
feeding me Your words,
and making me wise.

Heavenly Father,
thank you for my earthly father,
because without him,
I would have no idea what You look like !

Written by Wanda C. Borders


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