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The La La song (Dedicated to the memory of Katrina)

Storm's coming, people running, the traffic's thick, those left are sick
The able leave, the poor in need, wind's blowing, tension growing
Hurricane, tons of rain, levee's break, heart's ache
Devastation, a frozen nation, bad decisions lead to worse conditions
Ineptitude, lack of food, everybody in a rotten mood
The aftermath, one dirty bath, a live movie, thousands in the cast
Polluted water, babies crying, water rising, officials lying
No one can fix the present situation
Countless people lost their steady occupations
Place of jazz turned into blues
The A. P. misreports the news saying, "Refugees"?
That wasn't cute
Or "Whites find food." while ".blacks loot"?
Intangibles that defy math, no one was ready for Katrina's wrath
It makes me mad our own residents
Had strangers treat them better than the president
We've been transparent, transplanted and transported across the Atlantic
'Orleans hit like the titanic, Super Dome home in a state of panic
Leader's voices had no bass in them
People told me not to have any faith in them
TV images full of racism
Smack their mouths 'til they have no taste in them
From lies, lies, la-la-la-la lies
Messing with our lives, lives, la-la-la-la lives
Still telling lies, lies, la-la-la-la lies
Messing with our lives, lives, la-la-la-la lives
When will day break replace night?
We still gotta fight for Civil Rights?
You don't care what we say
(Spent too much time prosecuting O.J.)
Messing with our lives, lives, la-la-la-la lives
The media is still telling lies, lies, la-la-la-la lies...

Written by Geoffrey "Dr. Groove" Watts


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