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Never Too Late

Went the wrong way - did stupid again
Expected a different result
From when I was last knocked on my chin
Kept breathing in
Though I needed to exhale
Looked dead in the mirror at an image deemed stale
Wondering why I failed, yet went against all the rules?
I may have declared being a rebel
But now I'm at the level of a fool
And a fool isn't cool
By anybody's standards
I caused my own bad image
Never claimed being slandered
Hung with ignorant folks
Did some silly things
But when I got caught and got charged
I caused sorrow, killed dreams
Last of my esteem went straight in the toilet
Branded with a background
When I could've avoided it
Didn't listen to reason
No adults were respected
I built a mountainous background
So much dirt was collected
I couldn't dissect it; it went straight to the core
Mounds of selfishness replaced Love (which didn't live here anymore)
How could I get back? I needed to be restored
I knew there was something better that this life could afford
"I am the way, the truth and the life"
It was a tranquil voice that I heard one night
A dark voice told me what I heard wasn't real
The voice spoke again "I'm Son of man, Son of God,
By my stripes you are healed"
These words were revealed and peeled the depths of my soul
I had a thirst to hear more before I saw a fork in the road
".choose you this day whom ye will serve."
It took a lot of guts to step in the direction of the Word
But I know what I heard and the other way wasn't working
I saw a shadowy dark image and I knew who was lurking
I passed up the wide gate and took hold of the narrow path
Now like Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I'm shouting! "Free at last! Free at last!
Thank God Almighty I'm free at last!"
I had to listen to glisten and now I'm steadfast!
King Jesus can wipe away the tears of the past
So to any ex-felon, it's never too late For you to find out that God is great!

Written by Geoffrey "Dr. Groove" Watts


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