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Sisters, sisters, sisters
Whether you are jet black, light-skin or almond brown
Even in your worse moment
All of you are so beautiful, dutiful, and wonderful to be around
So many times when my head was down, the God in you found a way to uplift me
What inspiration you give me
And when you intently express your concern and care for my well being
All the pressures of the world drift away
You give life new meaning sisters
You are akin to a soothing musical voice, a pleasant melody
To be adored by you is every brother's fantasy
That's why I would like to take this time to say
God bless you sisters, we love you
And as I recite these lines
I'm interceding for all other Brothers too
Because you know (sometimes) what we can put you through
So queens of the earth, black men say we are sorry
My words have bowed knees for any brother that did you wrong
And drove you to a brief point where you felt you could not go on
Forgive us please if we turned you cold
And caused you devastation and tribulation
From things like alcohol, drugs, violence, gambling and incarceration
Forgive us please for our lying lips that led straight to your hips when we told you
"You were all that and a bag of chips"
We will do acrobatic flips to get to your chocolate Milky Way
That's why I'm here to say today.
Please forgive us.the incense of forgiveness is so sweet to us
So let me start to re-build your trust by saying
"You are a plus in this negative world; you are a plus in this negative world'
You are like cowry shells and ocean pearls
And I'd like to say to all those harmed by us on bent knee
Please accept this man's apology!

Written by Geoffrey "Dr. Groove" Watts


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