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Tired of My Own

When my people embrace being vulgar and showing out in public
I can't stand the fact that they end up being the conversation or the subject
Putting their business out
Profane and loud on the telephone
Trying to make up for the attention that they didn't get at home
Over two hundred fifty thousand words or more to choose from
But evidently they act like only seven curse words are known
So though I love them.think the world of them.I get tired of my own
This is not apathy; it just gets next to me
Aches and pains set in my bones
Sometimes I want to crawl under a rock
I think I'm watching the Twilight Zone
I feel I don't belong.they make me weak when I need to be strong
Everyday it's an abundantly, redundantly sung song
Though I love them and still hug them - like saggin' pants - sometimes another side is shown
It's hard to fix my mouth to say but I get tired of my own
Being ignorant is in fashion? How did this come to be?
Mothers get on trains and buses with children but their telephone gets first priority?
Telling their children to shut the "F--- up!" and giving them a mean look
The child might not even act up if they had their favorite toy or book
Elders do their best to advise young parents but this famous reply just makes us moan
"You can't tell me what to do because I'm M---Fing grown!"
When I hear that response I'm not stifled.that statement is not beyond reproach
I simply say "Excuse me young lady.even Michael Jordan had a coach!"
Adult, mature, developed are words now hard to find
Some people are indifferent and choose to sit on what should be called their mind
When you were a child, you thought as a child - adults place childish things aside
They know that they need room to grow and allow wisdom to be supplied
Are drugs, guns, sex and disrespect the only reflection of your intellect?
Or do you stand for positive things - declaring life is held in high esteem
Our spirituality is under attack and our light has been made dim
A thug is defined as a cut throat and a swindler - no parent take pride in raising them
Education builds a nation but our roots suffer from damaged stems
We have to wake up before we break up - that goes for her or him
Every corner people want hand outs, never working for what they get
They act like you work for them and make us upset from their arrogance and disrespect
But no matter how much their corrupt, I won't give up
And eventually I'll change my tone.but as of now I'm fed up.and I'm tired of my own!

Written by Geoffrey "Dr. Groove" Watts


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