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Obfuscate Blue

I am obfuscate blue,
The dark deep color of pain,
The feeling of humiliation;
And the outrage of being used by you.

I am soft quiet footsteps of triumph,
That carried my torn numb body to the closet;
Trembling, I kneeled down and buried my head in my chest,
After you were through.

I am the girl you stole,
The woman you made.
Trifflin in your ways,
My young-mature shaped body left you in a daze.
Blinded by your drunken state,
I was the one desire couldn't let escape.
Leaving my body bloody and a void in my soul.
I was the one you choose to degrade,
And there was nothing I could do.

Scathed by your touch,
I am the example of your abuse
And unrestricted manhood.
Robbing of all that was pure and true.

I am the sound of forbidden tears,
Your fist clenched tightly in the air,
The look upon my face was despair.
I made shrill cries for help,
But no one heard them.
Once to the eye,
Twice to the mouth,
And one to the stomach.
A forceful kiss increased the epiphany of my fears.

I am the sound of many,
The words of few.
Finally the truth has been spoken.
And a deathly secret broken.
Until I can claim my soul which is consumed by unbearable pain and shame,
I will remain what you've made me into,
Obfuscate Blue

Written by Nai'sha Williams


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