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Death by a White Angel

Mommy told me to be quiet,
And get down low.
The Angels in white with torches
Walked by real slow.
Marching; crosses in their hands -they kept,
While mommy in fear,
Silently wept.

The innocent boy didn't know,
They struck him several times with a fierce blow.
Eyes like serpents,
Crawling over ones skin.
This is the day the innocent boy's life would end.

Slow and steadily,
They tied him up to the tree.
While he made a merciful plea
"Please don't kill me".
They stripped him naked and laughed when he pead,
They picked up their knives and continued to proceed.

Off went his hands.
Off went his feet.
The fire felt hot as it burned and burned.
The stomachs of the hidden audiences;
churned and churned.

Marching; crosses in their hands-they kept,
As the Negroes in fear,
Silently wept,
And fearfully never slept.

Daring anyone to oppose,
The picked up the remains of the rope,
And buried his clothes.
Why his life was the one they chose to take-
Only God knows.

Written by Nai'sha Williams


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