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Loves lost is there forgiveness?

U bring me into this world
But you leave me to suffer?
I am consumed by the hate I feel for you-like no other.

Longing for your approval.
Hoping you'd love me,
I'd sell myself short
& be the person intended no to be.

Daughter & mother,
From two separate worlds;
We are disconnected.
The feeling of fear and reoccurrence of being rejected.
I seek love from others just to feel accepted.

Your love for the streets was greater than your love for me,
Life goes on;
Now you see.

My heart is a stone,
Overwhelmed by hate.
You wanting me now-
It's a little too late.

I am smart,
But stupid like you;
I choose the path of pride and stubbornness.
The same path you choose too.

So I walk and I don't turn my back,
Until I close my e eyes
And I all I see is black.

Written by Nai'sha Williams


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