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You say my music sounds like something from the Jungle
No matter where it comes from, from the shores of African to the land down under
To this I say, that I agree
That the music we make comes from what we hear and the things we see
But what you fail to understand
Is that the music we make is the sound of man
You see I make no apologies for the things we do
And if you can't accept the rhythm, then…FUNK YOU

You see the music which you claim you don't understand
Is the same music, that's got you bobbing your head and clapping your hands
Although you often lay claim to the origins of rock and roll
If you actually rolled back the rock you would find the lyrics of a black man and his soul
That jungle of which you speak
Gave the world the rhythm and gave the world the beat
So, if the sound of my music stills make you blue
All I say is…then…then…FUNK YOU

From Beethoven to the Charlie Bird
From "Amazing Grace" to the "Duke of Earl"
Even the soles of Elvis "Blue Suede Shoes"
Had its origin in Mississippi Blues
So, when it comes to my music, I respectfully disagree
While Mozart may be your classic, Earth, Wind and Fire is classical to me
If at last this melodic, harmonic, African-Oriented syncopation, for you doesn't ring true
Once again I say unequivocally, then…then…then…FUNK YOU.

Written by Willie C. Robinson, Sr.


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