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Declaration of Like

I like everything about you,
From your cocoa brown skin, to your bronze lips.
From the softness of your hair, to the curve of your hips.
But it is not whether I would like to dip.
But I rather touch your mind and press your lips....against mine.
I know that didn't rhyme, but I digress.
Truth be told, it is not your body I want, but rather your soul.
So if seems that from time to time my intent is not always clear, keep this in mind.
It is your hair, eyes, nose, lips,
Your arms, navel, waist and hips,
Your thighs, legs, your ankles your feet.
It is the imprint you leave on sand that I seek.
I want the very essence that makes you, you.
You see this thing is all about feelings.
The ones I have for you, the ones that keeps me reeling.
So today I say without equivocation, I declare that I "LIKE" you,
Knowing that the journey to love begins with the most simplest of thoughts...
A Declaration of Like.

Written by Willie C. Robinson, Sr.


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