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Back in the day, it was always one of the main drags
People walking, cars honking as we sat on the porch and watched them passed
However, before we reflect on memories afar
It is not pronounced Pee ah no no, but rather Pio No Nah
But I digress…let's continue on this journey of my thought's past
A past filled with couples walking slow and cars moving fast
Recollection of children sitting on steps, choosing lanes and claiming your wheels
Putting down their's but proclaiming yours as the deal
To "Dancing Harry with his transistor radio up to his ear"
Moving to the sounds of Motown and singing loud and clear
To old ladies sitting on porches and gossiping about everyone that walked by
Only stopping to call your mama if you strolled pass them and didn't say hi
To Sonny's Lundy's Green Nova and Mind-Blower speakers
To starched blue jeans and converse sneakers
There was even the drunk couple who seemed to be that way every day of the week
Until one day she staggered into a lane and got knocked off her feet
And before you start feeling sad and looking depressed
She recovered quickly and was soon back to doing what she did best
But let us get back to this street life Symphony
To that masterpiece called Pionono that will go down in Infamy
To sitting on porch and battling the mosquitoes
To watching the creamy green bus taking people to and fro
If you sat there long enough it seems as though everyone in the city came through
It was the pulse of the city or at least that is what it seem to you
My thoughts on this place would not be complete
If I didn't take you back to what made me, me

Written by Willie C. Robinson, Sr.


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